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Get your cups in formation. There's a better way to play beer pong. 

On Tuesday, YouTube user Megan Noll uploaded a video that depicts an innovative twist on the classic college sport:  She proves you can play pong by placing cups onto Roombas, Thrillist reported. This game is kind of genius. 

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

This is no amateur move — putting red cups on Roombas makes the drinking game exponentially more difficult. It's the perfect way to thwart that friend who usually hits every shot (and has a douchy celebration dance).  

Plus, your tables (and floors) will be nice and tidy if you use the Roombas for their real, dust-sucking purpose. Upgrade to the Braava mopping robot and the device will clean up any spilled beer.

Just remember: Roombas aren't quite as cheap as a case of PBRs. You'll have to shell out a cool $650 to afford two Roombas, Thrillist calculated. Budget accordingly for this summer and you, too, can bro out by sinking shots on a vacuuming robot. 

Source: YouTube

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