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*A note from the CEO & co-founder of Hyper

We're excited to announce that Mic is launching a new app, Hyper, a mobile video playlist that let's you watch best web videos of the day - even offline. Download it now on your iPhone at

The app was designed to eliminate three major friction points for video on the go: broken discovery, painful buffering and clunky design. Everyday Hyper's team of filmmakers and editors watch hundreds of videos spanning from technology and science to culture, style, comedy, entertainment and global reporting. Picking those that stand out from the mass, the curators arrange them in a daily top-10 playlist that's personalized based on user's interests, and delivered to one's phone every morning.

Videos are automatically pre-loaded overnight via Wi-Fi for instant playback on the go. No data plan or internet connection required for viewing. A video-centric and gesture based user-interface allows for a clutter free and immersive viewing experience that puts content at the center of every interaction.

Check it out today and let us know what you think in the app store!