Obama Gives Touching 4th of July Speech, "Embarrasses" Malia by Singing Happy Birthday

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After delivering a touching speech about the symbolism of the 4th of July during an Independence Day celebration at the White House on Monday, President Barack Obama went into full dad mode by belting out a mildly tone-deaf rendition of "Happy Birthday" to his daughter Malia, who shares her date of birth with the United States.

Obama used the holiday honoring independence to remind the nation of the work remaining to secure real freedom for all:

Source: Mic/YouTube
Source: Mic/YouTube

And to remind everyone that he's a goofy dad as much as he is the president:

Source: Mic/YouTube
Source: Mic/YouTube
Source: Mic/YouTube

Luckily for Malia, Kendrick Lamar and Janelle Monae's accompaniment made it a bit cooler than the average dad's birthday song.

Watch the full speech and performance below:

Source: YouTube

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