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This may seem simple, but white male privilege has been a difficult concept for many adults to understand. 

In fact, some of them are denying it exists altogether. But an eighth grader from Atlanta, Georgia, is calling this privilege out in a spoken word poem.

In "White Boy Privilege," Royce Mann eloquently addressed the racial, gender and socioeconomic disparities that exist between white boys like him and those in marginalized communities. 

Source: Mic/Royce Mann
Source: Mic/Royce Mann

He perfectly nailed why white boys and white men should acknowledge that they benefit from privilege.

The 14-year-old also says that he can act foolishly and use foul language without worrying that his actions would be attributed to all white men.

Source: Mic/Royce Mann
Source: Mic/Royce Mann

Well said, Royce.

You can watch the whole performance here:

Source: YouTube

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