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This is how you know the Pokémon Go phenomenon has officially gotten out of control: Earlier this week, a Florida news anchor crashed her co-worker's live weather report while trying to track down a wild Pokémon. Come on, America.

Yup, a video posted to Facebook on Monday shows a Florida weatherman trying his best to deliver the forecast when suddenly, one of his colleagues wanders through the shot (probably chasing a Lapras).

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

"Got a Pokey-man?" he calls after her. Sorry, dude, she's deep in the game.

The Poké-addled anchor herself, Allison Kropff, posted the video, justifiably captioning it, "That moment you realize you may be addicted to #PokemonGo."

This is who we are now, people — mindless hunters of bug-eyed cartoons that live in our phones. And we're fine with it.

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