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Donald Trump has promised to stage a spectacular nominating convention in Cleveland next week. Who actually ends up on the stage at Quicken Loans Arena is still developing, but here's the what we know so far.

His wife and children 

The presumptive Republican nominee's family has been a huge part of his attempts to balance his bombast and portray himself as a caring husband and father. 

Source: Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Source: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Trump's wife, Melania, accompanied him on his famous escalator entrance into the race for the White House in June 2015, but hasn't made the solo whistle-stop tours conducted by the spouses of Trump's rivals. 

However, the former model will indeed take the stage in Cleveland.

Also on board: Trump's children — Eric, Ivanka and Donald Jr. — who have proven important, polished surrogates for the Manhattan mogul. 

They have hit the trail hard for their father and often served to soften his bombast and help him portray himself as a caring, successful dad — even if they couldn't vote for him in New York's Republican primary.

House Speaker Paul Ryan

It's not unfair to say the House's top Republican came kicking and screaming into the Trump fold — and has even disapproved of some of his talk since.

But Ryan's not looking to serve under a President Hillary Clinton, so he'll make the GOP case at the Cleveland arena known by locals as "The Q." 

Trump's former rivals

The Republican national convention lineup will also include a solid set of GOP primary also-rans, some of whom have thrown their support to Trump and some who haven't.

Source: Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Source: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Among them, per various accounts: early nomination favorite Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin; Trump booster and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie; retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson; and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Politicos and mystery guests

Some of the speakers mentioned weren't seeking the presidency (or the vice presidency) but are big-name figures within the GOP. Those include folks like Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa.

Source: Evan Vucci/AP
Source: Evan Vucci/AP

Trump also has talked up the idea of a "winners' evening" featuring top sports figures such as Mike Ditka and Bobby Knight.

But the big storyline, considering Trump's contentious relationship with the party and its main figures on his steamroller ride to the nomination, has been who won't be giving a speech.

Unlikely to be seen on stage — or even at the 2016 convention — are prominent Republicans ranging from Mitt Romney to John Kasich to the former Presidents Bush to that empty chair Clint Eastwood worked over four years ago in Tampa, Florida.

Here's the complete list of speakers announced so far.

Pastor Mark Burns                                  

Phil Ruffin

Congressman Ryan Zinke

Pat Smith

Mark Geist

John Tiegen

Congressman Michael McCaul

Sheriff David Clarke

Congressman Sean Duffy

Darryl Glenn

Senator Tom Cotton

Karen Vaughn                         

Governor Mike Huckabee

Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Melania Trump

Senator Joni Ernst

Kathryn Gates-Skipper                            

Marcus Luttrell

Dana White             

Governor Asa Hutchinson   

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge    

Michael Mukasey 

Andy Wist          

Senator Jeff Sessions        

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn   

Alex Smith         

Speaker Paul Ryan    

Congressman Kevin McCarthy 

Kerry Woolard .

Senator Shelley Moore Capito 

Dr. Ben Carson

Co-Chair Sharon Day

Natalie Gulbis

Kimberlin Brown

Antonio Sabato, Jr.

Peter Thiel

Eileen Collins

Senator Ted Cruz

Newt Gingrich

Michelle Van Etten

Lynne Patton

Eric Trump

Harold Hamm

Congressman Chris Collins

Brock Mealer

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn

Governor Mary Fallin

Darrell Scott

Lisa Shin

Governor Rick Scott

Chairman Reince Priebus

Tom Barrack

Ivanka Trump

Attorney General Pam Bondi

Jerry Falwell Jr.

Rabbi Haskel Lookstein

Chris Cox

Senator Mitch McConnell

Tiffany Trump

Governor Chris Christie

Donald J. Trump Jr.

Governor Scott Walker

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