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Where were you when you first saw Beyoncé's Lemonade? The Emmy voters seem to remember.

Thursday, the most prestigious award show honoring all things television, shared their nominees for the 2016 show, and chief among their picks was Queen Bey's stunning Lemonade. It racked up four nominations, including outstanding variety special, outstanding picture editing for a variety production, outstanding production design for a variety, nonfiction, event, or award special and most impressive of all — outstanding directing for a variety special, for Bey herself alongside collaborator Kahlil Josef.

This is what happens when you let black women control their art: They make motherfucking hits.

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The nominations could not be more deserved. The Lemonade release was a pivotal moment not only in Bey history — but in the history of music as a whole.

It's where the Houston-raised artist took true ownership of her art and aesthetic and shared her boldest statements on the value of black lives; it's where she briefly made one of the most untouchable men in hip-hop look like a walking joke. She redefined what a surprise release could be yet again, after essentially birthing it back in December 2014.

Needless to say, fans were thrilled.

Several took special note of the significance of the number of nominations Bey received — four, which also happens to be the name of her fourth album, 4, and the inspiration for baby Blue's middle name, Ivy.

Slay on, Bey. Slay on.

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