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TBH, the Republican presidential race doesn't look too different from the Hunger Games this year. Bizarre hair? Check. A large pool of scrappy contenders cut down one-by-one over months of infighting? Check. Host Caesar Flickerman? Check — thanks to Stephen Colbert, who donned a blue wig and a jazzy jacket while crashing the Republican National Convention Sunday.

The Late Show host took over the Cleveland RNC stage to bring full circle a bit he's performed on his show since the beginning of the election cycle. And while Colbert's coverage of the convention was pre-planned, his full Flickerman regalia — complete with live ferret — probably wasn't part of that. Maybe it was the element of surprise that allowed Colbert to get in a few jabs before security came to corral him.

"He [Trump] has formed an alliance with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence," Colbert said into the mic, pretending to nod off on cue, as if to suggest Pence were boring or something. "Sorry, I blacked out there for a moment."

"It is my honor to launch and begin the 2016 Republican National Hungry for Power Games," he continued, banging his gavel before a man in a suit showed up to escort him offstage.

"I know I'm not supposed to be up here," Colbert can be heard to say, "but if we're honest, neither is Donald Trump."


Source: YouTube

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