Trainers are selling their Pokémon Go accounts on eBay for upward of thousands of pounds, according to the Guardian. One account sold for £7,300, which converts to more than $9,500. 

So if you've been frolicking about town catching 'em all and are looking to cash in on your hard-earned monsters, here's what the highly coveted Pokémon Go account sold was equipped with. 

- You're going to need to achieve a high level — the account that sold for more than $9,500 was at Level 23. 

- You will also need to catch a ton of Pokémon — the aforementioned Pokémon Go account had 119. 

- Your account will likely get more bids if your Pokémon have high combat power. Nobody will make it rain for Pidgey and Zubat — you'll want to sell a Pokémon Go account with the rare gems, i.e. Dragonite, Charizard and Pikachu. 

Fair warning for those looking to buy a Pokémon Go account — buying/selling accounts goes against the app's terms of service, so you run the risk of having the account disabled. And hey — cheating your way to the top could cost you friendship, and maybe even in love

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