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Deep in the depths of the underground, where the rats are aplenty, the Wi-Fi is scarce. The same goes for most airplanes. You could read a damn book, but if you'd rather gaze lovingly into your smartphone screen, there are some apps that can give you an LED fix below street level. In other words, they require no data or internet connection. They even work in airplane mode. Soak in the pixels, baby.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush SagaSource: Candy Crush Saga/App Store
Candy Crush Saga  Candy Crush Saga/App Store

You don't need internet to collect sugar drops in the Candy Kingdom. Just try not to spend away your life savings; no sweet tooth is worth a trip to the loan officer. 


2048Source: 2048/App Store
2048  2048/App Store

If you're into massaging your math muscle with some basic addition, this sliding-block puzzle game is a good way to pass the time. 

NYTimes Crossword

NYTimes CrosswordSource: NYTimes Crossword/App Store
NYTimes Crossword  NYTimes Crossword/App Store

The crosswords from the daily newspaper are also available in app form. Woot! Be more conspicuous in your failed attempts to complete the high-brow puzzle by substituting the big-ass newspaper for your 5-inch screen. 

Dots & Co

Dots & CoSource: Dots & Co/App Store
Dots & Co  Dots & Co/App Store

If you loved the beautifully designed Dots games, the company behind them has a new game: Dots & Co, which is reportedly a bit more challenging with more narratives than its predecessors. 


SudokuSource: Sudoku/App Store
Sudoku  Sudoku/App Store

Challenge your beautiful brain with the digital version of Sudoku. Like the aforementioned NYTimes Crossword app, this is a less wieldy alternative to carrying around the analog version. 


SolitaireSource: Solitaire/App Store
Solitaire  Solitaire/App Store

LOL, were you going to bring a deck of cards on the train? No. Download the Solitaire app instead. 


CatanSource: Catan/App Store
Catan  Catan/App Store

LOL, were you going to bring a board game on the train? No. Download the Catan app, nerds. Mic editor Cooper Fleishman approves. 

Monument Valley

Monument ValleySource: Monument Valley/App Store
Monument Valley  Monument Valley/App Store

If you must stare into your phone screen during your commute, the Monument Valley app is possibly one of the most beautiful games at which you can gaze. It's good enough for Frank Underwood

These apps aren't games, but they're just as entertaining (and don't need data or Wi-Fi)


SpotifySource: Spotify/App Store
Spotify  Spotify/App Store

If you pay for a monthly subscription of Spotify, you can download music to listen to offline — without ads. 


PocketSource: Pocket/App Store
Pocket  Pocket/App Store

Pocket lets you aggregate articles, videos and "pretty much anything" from Twitter, Flipboard and more so you can read them later, no internet needed. 

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