On Friday, Kylie Jenner teased "one of the biggest Kylie Cosmetics surprises" that was soon to come from her beauty brand. What could it be? A new Lip Kit color that didn't resemble a Smurf's lips? Or maybe a gloss or liner? As it turns out, it seems the youngest Jenner might be straying away from her coveted lip products completely and moving into new terrain altogether: eye makeup. 

"Kylie Cosmetics Surprise will be revealed on TheKylieJenner.com tomorrow @ 10am," her Snapchat read on Sunday. 

Source: Snapchat
Source: Snapchat

Shortly before the reminder, the 18-year-old posted a mysterious video of an eye, which was later reposted by her brand's Instagram page. 

A photo posted by (@) on

"Maybe it's an Eyeshadow palette," one person guessed on Instagram. "It's a gel eyeliner," said another. Yet another: "It's probably lashes." 

While everyone seems to have their own guesses as to what it might be, back in April, Jenner reportedly filed a trademark for Kyshadow, Kyliner and Kybrow, meaning its likely that it'll be either eyeshadow, eyeliner or a brow product. The description on the trademarks hint at possible makeup kits. 

Monday's release is the latest in a series of "#SummerSurprises," with the first being shades Maliboo, Kristen and Ginger. Tune in to TheKylieJenner.com at 10 a.m. Pacific to find out what's next. And remember: In March, Jenner asked on Twitter, "What would u wanna see next for Kylie cosmetics," with 47% saying an eyebrow kit. 

Well, King Kylie fans, you just might be getting what you've been asking for. 

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