This Brilliant Poem Will Redefine How You See Makeup

This Brilliant Poem Will Redefine How You See Makeup

Deciding whether to be an "I woke up like this" person or never seen without a full face of makeup, is exactly that: A choice. In a poem entitled "In My Skin," iCon powerfully explains why beauty products can be a sign of empowerment for some, a hobby for many and not applicable to others.  

"When an asshole who's opinion you didn't seek makes a comment about your makeup, pull out your compact mirror and politely ask him or her to turn themselves inside out for you," she began the poem she performed at the 2016 Women of the World Poetry Slam. 

She wrote this poem for all those who voice a disgust for people that rely on beauty products. 

And the people that make unsolicited comments and recommendations about embracing natural beauty. 

Even though they might not understand what someone is trying to hide. "It has not been there on the days when no matter what I tried acne and eczema were still hell-bent on leaving their mark," she said. "It is the only way I could avoid having smudges of your jokes rub off on the collar of my self-esteem." 

As for those men who say they prefer women without makeup: 

Because for many, makeup is a blessing. "Not all of us have the privilege of using hashtag no filter. ... Some of us wake up dreading the breakout brewing beneath our epidermis." 

And a tool used to correct something they are self-conscious about. "This is not me wishing to be something I'm not, but me passing as something I already know without a shadow of a blemish that I already am," she said.

Watch the full video below:

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