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First-man hopeful Bill Clinton will return to the Democratic National Convention stage, in Philadelphia on Tuesday, this time to support wife Hillary Clinton as she continues her race for the White House.

Speakers sharing the marquee for night two of the event include Joe Sweeney, a former officer with the New York Police Department during 9/11; Lauren Manning, a 9/11 survivor; and Mothers of the Movement, the title given to a group of black women whose unarmed children died either at the hands of law enforcement or other gun violence.

While the official schedule is not clear, the former two-term president is expected to make his case for his wife between 10 and 11 p.m. Eastern, in a role reversal of historical proportions: August will mark 20 years since Hillary Clinton took the 1996 convention stage to stump for her husband's bid for a second term. 

Here's how to watch.

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