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Hillary Clinton shattered the glass ceiling Thursday night when she accepted the Democratic nomination for president of the United States — the first time a woman has been nominated for president by a major U.S. political party. But despite Clinton's major stride toward gender equality, some folks on Twitter proved sexism is still alive and well: They told the nominee she needed to smile more during her acceptance speech, as the Daily Dot reported.

Being told to smile is part of the everyday misogyny many women experience — and it's not okay. Women can emote however we please; we're not pretty objects designed to please onlookers. What's more, focusing solely on a woman's appearance devalues her personal accomplishments. In Clinton's case, those accomplishments are substantial.

Clinton is a former senator, former first lady, former secretary of state and could very well be the next U.S. president. Yet during her acceptance speech, these sexist Twitter users — among many others — couldn't see past the shape of her mouth.

Other Twitter users pushed back against the sexist comments. Some pointed out the gendered double standard — people don't criticize Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for not smiling enough.

Seriously? Sadly, yes.

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