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Although Frank Ocean hinted that he would finally drop his highly anticipated sophomore album Boys Don't Cry in July, the month came and went without new music from the R&B star.

However, fans needn't give up hope yet: During the wee hours of August 1, an Apple music livestream appeared at the top of Ocean's website,

The black and white stream shows a large room, with tables and equipment, in what appears to be a warehouse of sorts and appeared to be playing on a loop. But besides random background noise, there is no music — yet.


Even though fans were happy to see Ocean was a least up to something, their patience was undoubtedly running very thin.

Although it's been more than 1,460 days since Ocean blessed the world with new music, Monday's happenings do seem to promise that something is finally on the horizon.

He did warn fans he was going to be late.


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