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Do you remember that car-devouring bus that went viral back in May? Well it's finally becoming a real thing: The Transit Elevated Bus made its first test run on Tuesday, according to Xinhua Net.

TEB-1 simulationSource: YouTube
TEB-1 simulation  YouTube

Oh damn, look at it go!

The TEB-1 is 22 meters (about 72 feet) long, about 25.5 feet wide, about 16 feet tall, capacity for about 300 passengers and underside clearance of about 7 feet (most cars are in the 5- to 6-foot high range).

The TEB-1Source: China Xinhua News/Facebook
The TEB-1  China Xinhua News/Facebook
The TEB-1's interiorSource: China Xinhua News/Facebook
The TEB-1's interior  China Xinhua News/Facebook
Source: YouTube

The TEB-1 made its test run in the northeastern city of Qinhuangdao, about 180 miles east of Beijing.

According to Xinhua Net, the TEB-1 model has already garnered government interest in Brazil, France, India and Indonesia.

A bus that can straddle lanes of traffic via rails installed on the street could be a good solution to China's notorious traffic jams. Because even though what's basically a moving, undulating tunnel sounds like a scary prospect for navigating a traffic jam, it certainly beats the alternative:

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