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Four months in, Beyoncé's Formation World Tour is still going strong. Now, it appears the "Sorry" singer has taken her mission to connect with fans a step further and is quite literally speaking their language.

During Beyoncé's concert Wednesday night in Barcelona, Spain, the Lemonade artist strayed from her tour's normal set list, performing her 2006 single "Irreplaceable" in Spanish. Video of the surprise addition to Formation World Tour quickly found its way online Wednesday night:

Beyoncé only needed to sing about three lines before the crowd took over, erupting in unison to sing the song's memorable hook. 

"Irreemplazable" was originally a bonus track on Beyoncé's B Day album. But after it struck a chord with Beyoncé fans across the globe, the song spurred Beyoncé's first EP, named after the track. It featured eight tracks sung in Spanish, including the Spanglish "Beautiful Liar" with Shakira.

Listen to the studio version of "Irreemplazable" below.

Source: YouTube

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