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On Wednesday, uncensored nude pictures of Orlando Bloom on vacation in Italy with his girlfriend, pop star Katy Perry, were leaked on the internet.

Naturally, a frenzy ensued — and a lot of thirst, which pissed people off a lot.

The images have appeared across a plethora of different media outlets, including the New York Daily News and the Daily Star, which featured the photos on its front cover.

But a large swath of Twitter was outraged and equally uncensored about it. They fervently argued the leaked photos were a violation of Bloom's privacy and he wouldn't be so freely objectified if he were a woman.  

Super hot or a total violation? The debate continues.

Aug. 4, 2016, 10:35 a.m.: This story has been updated.

Correction: Aug. 4, 2016 
A previous version of this story misstated when the photos were leaked on the internet. They were leaked on Aug. 3.

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