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People tend to celebrate major wins with champagne, caviar and even cookies, but one Olympian is heading straight to a convenience store.

On Tuesday night, Marcus Hernandez, the older brother of U.S. gymnast Laurie Hernandez, posted Laurie's gold medal selfie with a caption saying that he plans to take his sister to Wawa as soon as she lands. 

Anyone who's visited a Wawa knows that it's no average convenience store: It's a veritable buffet of delicious snacks and customizable hot food options. And people, especially those from the East Coast, are obsessed. Mashable even compared Wawa worshippers to cult members in a recent feature.  


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The Hernandez siblings are superfans of the convenience store chain, too.  Laurie has previously Instagrammed meals from Wawa, including the photo above of a sandwich and smoothie, with the caption "I officially have the best brother ever!"

There's no word on what Hernandez and her brother plan to order on their celebratory Wawa run, but they should probably bring stretchy pants — a gold medal can probably buy many, many hoagies.

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