The "100 Layers of Wax Challenge" is, well, in a word: yech, yech, yech


If you've ever had anything waxed, you know how painful it is regardless of what area of the body it is. And that's just one measly layer. No need to imagine how painful it would be to add 99 more layers because YouTuber ItsYeBoi has done it for you and the over 2 million people that have since viewed his video.  

"This is pretty much the only idea that I could think of that hadn't already been done," he said before having a friend apply 100 goopy layers of wax to his shin. "It's probably going to be very difficult to take off and also really fucking painful." 

Here is what one, 10, 30, 50, 65 and a little more than 100 coats of wax look like. (He decided to just finish out the jar of wax and do more than 100.) 

1 layer

1  ItsYeBoi/YouTube

10 layers

10  ItsYeBoi/YouTube

30 layers

30  ItsYeBoi/YouTube

50 layers

50  ItsYeBoi/YouTube

65 layers

65  ItsYeBoi/YouTube

Over 100 layers

100 plus  ItsYeBoi/YouTube


And now for the best part of the video: the removal of the wax. It's very clear why ItsYeBoi decided to include the words *extreme pain* in the title of the video. 

Hair removal  ItsYeBoi/YouTube
Hair removal  ItsYeBoi/YouTube
Hair removal  ItsYeBoi/YouTube
Hair removal  ItsYeBoi/YouTube

We have one question: What's worse? Having 100 layers of wax (and hair) pulled off your leg or getting one bikini wax? Hmm.