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Although Adele might seem like a superhuman with that voice of hers, as it turns out, she too, comes down with colds — shocking, we know. 

The "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)" singer posted on Instagram Wednesday to announce how she was feeling, letting those in Phoenix know she unfortunately had to cancel her concert. 

As she continuously apologizes for letting her fans down, Adele is also 100% makeup-free, a state we don't often see the singer in. 

And, yes, you guessed it, she's flawless. 

A photo posted by (@) on

"I've had a cold for a couple of days," she said in the video. "My cold has gotten the better of me."

Before this video, she also posted a stunning selfie. 

AdeleSource: Instagram
Adele  Instagram

In addition to offering their well wishes, droves of fans have taken to her Instagram to say how gorgeous she looks, even when she's sick and without makeup.

"@adele is freakin' gorgeous without makeup," one commented. "She's still so stunning," said another. Yet even another: "You are so so beau without makeup. Damn." 

And then someone asked the completely valid question, "You are sick?" After all, it'd be hard to tell she's ailing in any of the above images. Here's hoping she has a speedy recovery.