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Scrambling through your kitchen sleepy-eyed each morning in an attempt to throw together something that resembles a healthy, or at least edible, breakfast, can be rough. 

But it doesn't have to be this way. Overnight breakfast recipes, large batch baked goods that last all week and freezer meal prep options can all help in your morning rush for food. Nutritionists, dietitians and lazy snoozers may all have different ideas about the importance of a morning meal, but let's be real: Any tasty and easy meal is pretty much worth having. 

Find some quick and delicious breakfast recipes below. At least a few may actually make you excited about getting out of bed in the morning. 

Creamy coconut almond breakfast pops

Breakfast popsSource: Half Baked Harvest
Breakfast pops  Half Baked Harvest

If it's an iced coffee type of morning, this ice cold breakfast is your perfect solution. Freeze your breakfast pops over the weekend to have a healthy grab-and-go breakfast option before running out the door.

Berry chia overnight oats

Chia oatsSource: Pinch of Yum
Chia oats  Pinch of Yum

A few minutes of nighttime prep gets you a nutritious and delicious morning meal. Make it in a jar and place a spoon on top overnight so it's ready to eat on the go by morning.

Freezer breakfast burritos

Breakfast burritosSource: Damn Delicious
Breakfast burritos  Damn Delicious

About half an hour of prep time gets you eight burritos packed with veggies, sausage, cheese, eggs and tater tots that will make you forget about whatever fast-food spot you planned to hit up.

Power breakfast egg meat muffins 

MeatmuffinsSource: The Healthy Foodie
Meatmuffins  The Healthy Foodie

If you dream of meat, these bake-ahead bacon-topped, egg-stuffed meat muffins are for you.

Kaya toast

Kaya toastSource: i am a food blog
Kaya toast  i am a food blog

This easy-to-make coconut jam brings a new level of tropical flavor to the traditional morning toast. Soft boil an egg for a quick sandwich while your bread browns.

Grain-free granola

GranolaSource: Gimme Some Oven
Granola  Gimme Some Oven

Store-bought granola has been outed as a sugar-packed, high calorie food, but there's nothing wrong with making your own. Whip together this fruit and nut granola to eat on its own, on yogurt or in a bowl of milk.

Quark with greens and veggies

Quark with greensSource: What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today
Quark with greens  What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today

This breakfast salad parfait is easy to put together and even easier to customize depending on your grocery list. If you can't find quark, try labneh or plain Greek yogurt, top with herbs, tomatoes, cucumber and seeds and your breakfast is made.

Banana muffins with olive oil and dark chocolate

Banana muffinsSource: How Sweet It Is
Banana muffins  How Sweet It Is

Made with whole wheat flour and sweetened mostly by fresh bananas, you can argue that these breakfast muffins are, in fact, healthy. Bake a batch for breakfast all week or freeze them for hungry morning emergencies.

Chocolate hazelnut raspberry toast

Chocolate hazelnut toastSource: Lovely Little Kitchen
Chocolate hazelnut toast  Lovely Little Kitchen

Before you balk at a recipe for toast, remember that you didn't think of this combo yourself. If you did, congrats. This sweet breakfast takes just minutes to put together, and it's pretty much dessert with the added benefit of fruit.

Cranberry orange steel cut oats

Ten minutes on the stove gets you a bowl of oatmeal just as good — if not better — than overpriced restaurant oatmeal dish you're frequently tempted to order. Just DIY.

French toast smoothie

French toast smoothieSource: My Name Is Yeh
French toast smoothie  My Name Is Yeh

This non-recipe quick breakfast solution may be the easiest and most satisfying of them all. Just blend fruits and bread to your liking and yum, breakfast!