Frank Ocean has plenty of reasons to celebrate at the moment. His two latest albums, Endless and Blonde, are being hailed as groundbreaking, genre-bending masterpieces. His 360-page print publication Boys Don't Cry is making waves online after being distributed solely at pop-up shops across four major international cities, with fans clamoring to get their hands on a copy. 

Truly, it's every artist's dream to achieve a level of recognition and praise Ocean has managed in a single weekend. To celebrate, his dear friend Tyler, the Creator got him a cute cake.

In the photo, Ocean is standing in a recording studio, smiling and wearing a Shia LaBeouf-themed T-shirt that reads "I am not famous anymore," which — to be frank — is now far from the truth. 

"Birthday cake for Blonde," Ocean captioned the pic posted to his Tumblr. "Thanks Tyler."

The two artists have had a long, dedicated friendship. Tyler supported Ocean immediately following his revealing note to fans in which he described having a relationship with another man. He also wrote a poem for Ocean's publication, titled "Tricolor." Just before the release of Endless, A$AP Rocky shared a snap of Ocean and Tyler street racing. Ocean also nods to the Odd Future captain in "Future Free:" "Tyler slept on my sofa yeah/ Yeah niggas go back that far." 

Best friends: here for you when you slip away into darkness, back with cakes when you return.