When this black man asked a white woman why she was watching him, she yelled "Rape!"

When this black man asked a white woman why she was watching him, she yelled "Rape!"

Do you always feel like somebody's watching you? 

That's exactly what led to the confrontation between a black man and an older white woman sitting on her porch, which was captured on video and posted to YouTube. In the video, a black man is barbecuing on his own property and notices a white woman looking at him through binoculars. 

When he goes to confront her, she begins to yell that the man is trying to rape her. 

"Attack! Attack!" the woman yells at the top of her lungs as the man approaches. "I'm being raped! I'm being raped!" 

She continues to yell for help, while the man stands several yards away from her, not even walking toward her. 

A woman living above the white woman, who the cameraman later identifies as his mother, comes out to find out what's going on. When the cameraman and the older woman get into a verbal fight, the woman says, "You were approaching me! I'm not approaching you!" 

After the cameraman explains that she was watching them with binoculars, she asks, "What are you afraid that I'm going to see with my binoculars?"

The woman says she was watching them because she was "paying attention for my own safety." 

The man then explains that, in the 1900s, white woman used to accuse black men of raping them in order to get those black men in trouble with the law. The man is correct — this phenomenon has been documented in several books. 

After they begin to argue the same points back and forth, the woman leans over and says, "You're wearing a turban-type thing. Are you also a Muslim?" 

The man begins to laugh and, as other neighbors gather around the kerfuffle, he retreats, having done his daily duty in calling out racism — literally in his own backyard.