Why Alexander Wang's "exclusive" new T-shirts "you can't buy anywhere" are bullshit

Why Alexander Wang's "exclusive" new T-shirts "you can't buy anywhere" are bullshit

On Monday, many took to Twitter to call out the Cut for claiming that spray-painted tees, you know, the ones often found at malls, flea markers and/or sweet 16 parties, are new, exclusive pieces of fashion. 

The publication tweeted out "See the Alexander Wang t-shirts you can't buy anywhere," in reference to some DIY white tees that the designer had gifted his models after his runway show Saturday night.  

While the article that accompanies the tweet goes on to say the shirts are in fact simply "boardwalk T-shirts" and the best party gift of the "'90s bar/bat mitzvah circuit," many were still quick to take issue with the headline, pointing out that there's nothing at all exclusive about a spray-painted T-shirt. 

While others are saying that the publication isn't giving credit to black culture and those that grew up wearing these shirts. 

Regardless of what the Cut intended by its article, time after time, trends that began in black cultures are often credited to celebrities who have later participated in said trend. 

Especially in this past year: hairstyles, like cornrows and microbraids, or a body part like bigger lips, are often said to have been started by people like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner or Cara Delevingne. 

Bottom line is the "can't" in the tweet should be replaced with a "can," and the "anywhere," should be "everywhere."