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This story was co-authored by Jeanne Vickery.

A PolicyMic Community Challenge: Mic up the Editorial Board Post and We Can Watch Chris Miles Dance “Ice Ice Baby” and Gangnam Style In Times Square!

PolicyMic has an amazing community which is representative of the left, right, and the middle engaging in conversation on all areas impacting our lives. We passionately agree and disagree. At the end of the day, the one thing we all agree on is we love our editors. 

Recently, PolicyMic started a series introducing us to our editors, founders, and pundits thereby giving us greater insight into the men and women who help us shape our conversations. One article featuring Chris Miles had a robust comment section in which Chris stated that if the article reached 50 mics he would show us his “Gangnam Style” mad skill in Times Square.

That got Pundit Dee Meyer and Jeanne Vickery wondering if the article reached 100 mics would Miles show off more of his dancing skills? If so, which dance could Miles be persuaded to dance? The list so far is varied, but old time wedding dance favorites are:

1. Ice, Ice Baby

2. The Chicken Dance

3. The Macarena

4. And, a GenX standard, Jungle Love


So, PolicyMic’ers, will you please mic up Miles so we can watch him show off more of his amazing talents? This will be a video format presentation  titled, “Dance like a Boss with PolicyMic Editor, Chris Miles.” It’s easy. Go over to this article and give it a mic. Then, share it with your friends so they too can mic up Miles.

We thank you for your support.