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The position of President of the United States is the most difficult job in the country. Frankly, I’m not sure why anyone would want the position. The length and breadth of the responsibilities of the presidency are endless and include decisions to go to war and managing the largest economy in the world.

My list of things for the newly elected president is overwhelming, to say the least. Below are 79 tasks that should be addressed beginning in 2013, even though some of the items will take a long time to accomplish. Of course the list is not exhaustive, but I am trying to add to it.

79 Things Romney or Obama Will Have to Do Beginning 2013:

1. Convince Iran to give up its nuclear program or go to war.
2. Bring down unemployment by at least 2 or 3 percentage points.
3. Orchestrate a deal with Congress that will defuse the risks affiliated with the fiscal cliff.
4. Settle the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.
5. Bring our soldiers home from Iraq.
6. End the war in Afghanistan and bring those troops home.
7. Restore America’s global academic leadership.
8. Create an energy policy that makes the country less dependent upon foreign oil.
9. Develop new alternative energy sources.
10. End the housing crisis.
11. End Syrian genocide.
12. Disarm N. Korea.
13. Resolve the Dodd Frank bank regulation controversy.
14. Legalize gay marriage.
15. End violence in our schools and colleges.
16. Decrease the cost of attending college.
17. Reform immigration laws.
18. Make Washington less partisan.
19. Develop a better working relationship with Russia and Putin.
20. Develop a better working relationship with China and with whoever is leading the government.
21. Combat piracy of our patents and copyrights.
22. Decrease famine and hardship in Africa.
23. Help American municipalities avoid bankruptcy.
24. Implement or eliminate Obamacare.
25. Rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.
26. Clean our air.
27. Clean our water.
28. Increase miles per gallon standards for American automobiles.
29. Provide increased funding for the detection and prevention of disease.
30. Decrease teen pregnancies.
31. Find a cure for HIV.
32. Clean our national parks.
33. Increase security without inconveniencing Americans.
34. Increase surveillance without violating civil liberties.
35. Increase the pay of women so it equals that of men.
36. Eliminate racial discrimination.
37. Eliminate sexual abuse.
38. Increase the number of people who are registered to vote.
39. Decrease the income gap.
40. Decrease the number of people on welfare.
41. Decrease the number of people on food stamps.
42. Decrease taxes for the middle class.
43. Improve the services provided by hospitals.
44. End the European debt crisis.
45. Decrease crime across the country.
46. Find a safe place for nuclear waste.
47. Identify and prosecute tax cheaters.
48. Stop health care fraud.
49. Protect children from Internet criminals.
50. Take care of our veterans.
51. Help Libya become a peaceful country.
52. Decrease insurance fraud.
53. Decrease the risks affiliated with nuclear power plants.
54. Decrease the amount of illegal drugs coming into the country.
55. Fight human rights violations around the world.
56. Close Gitmo.
57. Clean up our pension system.
58. Protect our embassies.
59. Continue to decrease nuclear weapons throughout the world.
60. Decrease illegal immigration into the U.S.
61. Decide whether space exploration makes sense.
62. Balance the national budget.
63. End the National Hockey League strike.
64. Reform the postal system.
65. Eliminate the filibuster in the Senate.
66. Find new cabinet members.
67. End spam on the Internet.
68. Reform Medicare.
69. Reform Social Security.
70. Decrease obesity.
71. Impose term limits on government officials.
72. Decrease cigarette smoking.
73. Decrease traffic accidents.
74. Decrease divorces.
75. Improve the moral and ethical standards in the country.
76. Stop the waste of national resources.
Before you vote in November, be sure your candidate is up to the job.