On Friday night, a rare lunar phenomenon will occur, called a black moon — or rather, the second new moon within a one-month period. But good luck trying to see it, because you won't be able to. Sorry!

According to Space.com, the lunar calendar and our Gregorian calendar typically line up quite neatly — there is usually one full moon and one new moon each month. Some months, though, there is a second full moon called a blue moon, when eager amateur astronomers get to enjoy two nights of a full moon.

A black moon is basically the opposite of that phenomenon. It's a repeat new moon, meaning that for the second time this September, the night sky will look completely empty. 

The different phases of the moon.Source: Shutterstock / BlueRingMedia
The different phases of the moon.  Shutterstock / BlueRingMedia

According to Space.com, black moons happen about once every 32 months. 

It's a cool phenomenon, but it's one you absolutely can't see happening. Enjoy the darkness, everyone!