You thought the two presidential candidates had been made fun of in every way possible? Well what about making fun of them with condoms? The company Say It With A Condom is now giving people the opporunity to share their political opinions ... with a condom. The Obama condom "Won't Break as Easily as His Promises" and the Romney condom is "Great for Any Position." (Tongue in cheek to the max.) A chat with Benjamin Sherman, the founder of Say It With A Condom, gave some (er) insight on the whole political condom thing.

Elena Sheppard (ES): How did these Romney and Obama condoms come to be?

Benjamin Sherman (BS): Obama and Romney Condoms we’re created because we realized that during this election, either way, we’re getting screwed. We just want you to enjoy it safely while it’s happening.

ES: Did you worry that a product that depicts our nation’s leaders like this would offend consumers?

BS: I think we should be offended by the way our politicians treat us. Ultimately, we can’t make everyone happy, but if we can add a smile to someone’s face (in more ways than one), then we’ve done our job.

ES: On a more serious note, these condoms are a pretty amazing example of free speech. Did creating this make you think at all about your rights as an American? Obviously a product like this could never exist in a place like North Korea ... Kim Jong Un condoms?

BS: We’re glad you see these condoms as an example of free speech – unfortunately the NYPD views them differently and put 40 people out of work because they don’t believe our condoms are a freedom of speech. When Obama said “you didn’t build that,” as a small business, we agree with him – our forefathers wrote the constitution giving us the rights to do what we do. Eisenhower created the interstate highway system allowing our goods to be shipped from coast to coast – so yes, we’re thankful for our rights!

ES: Do they work?

BS: From time to time we offer in-office demonstrations. On a more serious note, yes. There is a premium branded FDA approved latex condom inside each wrapper.

For more information about Say It With A Condom you can visit thier web site here