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LAS VEGAS — With Election Day looming and the final debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump dominating headlines, Special Relationship, the politics podcast from Mic and the Economist, steps back to focus on one of the greatest challenges the next president must face: dealing with war-torn Syria.

Christina Psarra of the humanitarian aid group Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres speaks about her work helping refugees and educating the public about their experience through MSF's traveling exhibition "Forced From Home."

MSF's "Forced From Home" exhibit visited Manhattan's Battery Park Esplanade.Source: Celeste Katz/Mic
MSF's "Forced From Home" exhibit visited Manhattan's Battery Park Esplanade.  Celeste Katz/Mic

Next, former Senate majority leader and special envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell gives his perspective on if, how and when the wrenching conflict will end, potentially under the administration of a new president and United Nations secretary-general.

This episode was produced by Alan Haburchak and Jon Marston.


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