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The best part of Blizzard's multiplayer shooter Overwatch is the incredible roster of individualized, unique characters that inhabit its bright, colorful Pixar-like world.

Ana, a 60-year-old Egyptian woman with one eye and a sniper rifle that shoots medicinal darts, can face off against Zarya, a hulking Russian bodybuilder with pink hair and a giant energy cannon. 

The original 21 characters of 'Overwatch'Source: Blizzard Entertainment
The original 21 characters of 'Overwatch'  Blizzard Entertainment

This diversity in Overwatch's 23-character roster is helpful from a game design perspective — the characters' distinct silhouettes communicate information to a player about the opposing team's lineup at a glance — but it also means that Overwatch represents characters with diverse ages, body types and sexualities that rarely make their way into video games, to such a degree that it's roping in players who otherwise feel alienated by multiplayer shooters.

As such, each character's distinct personality and visual design makes them perfect candidates for some seriously kick-ass cosplay. We want to celebrate a very specific subset of those cosplayers: those who shake up the formula even more by re-imagining their favorite Overwatch characters as a different gender.

Here are 10 of the best gender-bent Overwatch cosplays we've seen so far.

1. Mercy cosplay by Nathan DeLuca (left) and Tracer cosplay by Michael Hamm (right)

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2. Junkrat cosplay by iomedae

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3. Tracer cosplay by vellicant

Tracer gender-bent cosplay by vellicantSource: majaiku/Facebook
Tracer gender-bent cosplay by vellicant  majaiku/Facebook

4. Genji cosplay by Hans Kim

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5. Roadhog cosplay by Bellexi

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6. Zarya cosplay by Jechts

Gender-bent Zarya cosplay by JechtsSource: York in a Box/Facebook
Gender-bent Zarya cosplay by Jechts  York in a Box/Facebook

7. cosplay by firstknivesclub

8. Soldier: 76 and Reaper cosplays by Bloodraven

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9. Lúcio cosplay by tri-forcing

10. Junkrat cosplay by madicosplays

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Have you created some particularly awesome gender-bent Overwatch cosplay that wasn't included here? We want to see it! Email