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Election night is finally upon us, and the end of the presidential campaign is at last in sight. After a 19-month-long campaign filled with challenges, Hillary Clinton will celebrate the end of her presidential bid—and potentially make history as the first woman elected president of the United States—underneath a literal glass ceiling at New York City's Jacob K. Javits Center.

The midtown Manhattan convention center, which regularly hosts such large-scale events as New York Comic-Con and the New York International Auto Show, is both a practical and symbolic choice for Clinton's grand election night celebration. The venue is built with glass from top to bottom, providing the perfect setting for Clinton to (metaphorically) shatter the glass ceiling by clinching a historic win.

Jacob K. Javits CenterSource: Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Jacob K. Javits Center  Drew Angerer/Getty Images

But there's one more thing that makes this venue an even better choice: Donald Trump hates it. Trump fought to develop the Javits Center site early in his career and even lobbied for the city to name the building after his family, but quickly turned on the project when the city went in a different direction. Trump detailed his frustrations with the building's construction in his book The Art of the Deal, complaining that due to his lack of involvement, it had "perhaps the most horrendous construction delays and cost overruns in the history of the building business."

In the event of a victory, Clinton's election night schedule also has some more explosive celebrations in store. The New York Post reports that the campaign is planning a two-minute fireworks display on the Hudson River near the Javits Center, which may start as early as 9:30 p.m., depending on the timing of the election results.

The centerpiece of the celebration, though, will of course be Clinton herself, who will deliver her victory or concession speech once the election results are announced. Though the timing depends on when the election is called, Clinton's Javits Center event is currently scheduled until 11:30 p.m., with Clinton likely scheduled to speak toward the end of the proceedings. Supporters can tune into the event and watch Clinton's speech at