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The race to represent Pandaria, err Maine, in the U.S. Senate has taken an odd turn in the last few days. 

One of the candidates has decided to pull out of at least 8 forums & debates. Is he far behind? Is this because he is giving up on the race? Well not as far as we know, according to his own polls (granted skewed heavily to the Republicans/older voters) Charlie Summers is closing in on the "front-runner."  His people were as recently as last week touting a new poll that had Summers and Independent Senate candidate Angus King in a statistical tie.
At a forum I took part in last night every candidate took at least one slap at the absent Summers. Pity they didn't leave an empty chair on the stage for him. Our kind hosts, the Maine Women's Forum, were none too happy with him for pulling out so close to the event.
Then again considering the attacks on gamers from Maine who play World of Warcraft, Summers might be busy campaigning in the Alliance realm of World of Warcraft. Or maybe he is just trying to escape the ire of all the WoW players his party has annoyed in the last few days.
Why so much about WoW in this column ostensibly about Maine politics? You see the Maine GOP has decided to attack the gaming habits of a Democratic state Senate candidate in the Waterville area. Instead of concentrating on the things she has said as a politician they are attacking her because she has a high level troll-assassin in WoW. They even went as far as to start a mock-blog to detail her activities both on and off line.
It has been a fairly big story in Maine with the woman in question interviewed, as well as other Maine-based WoW players. The reason it has spread to Kotaku and even WoW forums is because the authors of the mock site also wrote sneeringly about everyone who plays the game.
The head of the 10th Amendment center in Maine, Chris Dixon, and I were interviewed about this absurd turn of events. He and I agreed that trashing WoW players to score political points is not clever if you are trying to attract young(er) voters.
Now I have to go off and start a character in Pandaria to beat Angus King there campaigning for the Maine Horde vote.
Rumours that a debate is being planned in WoW so Charlie Summers can skip that too, but these rumors have not been confirmed.