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Ahead of the Dec. 2 release of Lin-Manuel Miranda's  Hamilton Mixtape, the creator and star of the Tony-winning Broadway musical has now released "Wrote My Way Out," a completely different version of his song "Hurricane."

Miranda already dropped Kelly Clarkson's "It's Quiet Uptown" and the Roots' "My Shot," featuring Busta Rhymes, Joell Ortiz and Nate Ruess, in early November. Now he's released "Wrote My Way Out," which features himself, Aloe Blacc, Nas, and Dave East. 

Miranda, Nas, and East alternate with the song's three verses, but Miranda's "Wrote My Way Out" verse is a first-timer. Here are some of the lyrics from his verse, courtesy of Genius

High speed, dubbing these rhymes in dual cassette deck
Running out of time like I'm Jonathan Larson's Rent check
My mind is where the wild things are, Maurice Sendak
In withdrawal, I want it all, please give me that pen back
Y'all, I got my first beating from the other kids when I was caught reading
Oh, you think you smart? Blah! Start bleeding
My pops tried in vain to get me to fight back
Sister tapped my brains, said, pssh, you'll get 'em right back
Oversensitive, defenseless, I made sense of it, I pencil in
The lengths to which I'd go to learn my strengths and knock 'em senseless
These sentences are endless, so what if they leave me friendless?
Damn, you got no chill, fucking right I'm relentless
I know Abuela's never really gonna win the lottery
So it's up to me to draw blood with this pen, hit an artery
This Puerto Rican's brains are leakin' through the speakers
And if he can be the shining beacon this side of the G.W.B and
Shine a light when it's gray out 

In addition, Miranda also put out Usher's version of "Wait For It," which was performed by Leslie Odom Jr. in the original production of the show. Earlier this month, Miranda tweeted out the full lineup for the mixtape. Some big names include Alicia Keys, Sia, John Legend, and Chance the Rapper.

Both "Wrote My Way Out" and "Wait for It" are available on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. You can listen to them below.