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Between all the latkes and sufganiyot, you'll need some non-fried sustenance in your Hanukkah dining routine.

What better food of substance on a Jewish holiday than brisket? Braised, roasted, beer-soaked, smoked and beyond, brisket should be your protein of choice during all eight days of festivities. Here's how to make meat so good and tender, even your bubbe will be proud. 

Andrew Zimmern's Hanukkah brisket

Hanukkah brisketSource:
Hanukkah brisket

There's nothing fancy about Andrew Zimmern's traditional slow-roasted brisket. It cooks all day, giving you plenty of time to grate potatoes or just luxuriate in the meaty smell. Get the recipe here.

Sweet and savory brisket

Sweet and savory brisketSource: food52
Sweet and savory brisket  food52

Just like latkes and sufganiyot balance the savory and sweet flavors of Hanukkah, let your brisket do the same. Get the recipe here.

Smoked brisket

Smoked brisketSource: Whitney Bond
Smoked brisket  Whitney Bond

If your idea of a great brisket is barbecued brisket, opt for this smoky recipe to be topped with your favorite BBQ sauce. Get the recipe here.

Texas barbecue beef brisket

Texas barbecue beef brisketSource: Use Real Butter
Texas barbecue beef brisket  Use Real Butter

If grilling for Hanukkah is your thing (fire!), go for this spice-rubbed brisket recipe. Get the recipe here.

Porter braised brisket

Porter braised brisketSource: Macheesmo
Porter braised brisket  Macheesmo

Before you get that Hanukkah buzz on, soak your brisket in beer! Porter is recommended, but stout will also make a tasty brisket. Get the recipe here.

Braised brisket with potatoes and carrots

Braised brisket with potatoes and carrotsSource: Skinny Taste
Braised brisket with potatoes and carrots  Skinny Taste

This stew-like brisket recipe is super comforting and easy to make, plus, the one-pot meal leaves you extra time (and fewer dishes to do) for latkes! Get the recipe here.

Sous vide brisket

Sous vide brisketSource: Nom Nom Paleo
Sous vide brisket  Nom Nom Paleo

If you didn't ask for a sous vide machine (or a vacuum sealer) for Hanukkah, add it to your list! A super slow-cooked, low temperature sous vide brisket is unlike any you ever had. Get the recipe here.

Bun bo hue

Bun bo hueSource: i am a food blog
Bun bo hue  i am a food blog

Stray from tradition and turn that brisket into a spicy Vietnamese noodle soup this Hanukkah. It is December, after all! Get the recipe here.

Slow cooker Mexican brisket

Slow cooker Mexican brisketSource: House of Yumm
Slow cooker Mexican brisket  House of Yumm

Add some Mexican flare to your Hanukkah festivities with this slow cooker recipe that may just become a winter staple. Breakfast tacos in the morning, anyone? Get the recipe here.