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Owning a pair of fashionable glasses doesn't require a prescription and, with a few exceptions, they can fit just about anyone who's willing to rock a pair. Yes, sunglasses have always been around for the fun of wearing frames. But there are a ton of options for people who want to wear non-tinted frames for style.

For that, we have brands like EyeBuyDirect that make lenses for digital screen protection. Then there's Warby Parker, which has all types of frames for those who need a fly upgrade. And of course, the classic Ray-Ban, who capture traditional eyewear in a contemporary form year after year.

If you enjoyed our gifts for a zen spirit, check out our ten favorite glasses for holiday 2016!

Editor's note: Prices and product availability are subject to change throughout the holidays.

EyeBuyDirect Character Black Navy Eyeglasses, $15

EyeBuyDirect Character Black Navy EyeglassesSource: EyeBuyDirect
EyeBuyDirect Character Black Navy Eyeglasses  EyeBuyDirect

These vintage-inspired oversized frames are a beautiful gift for someone looking for new eyeglasses. EyeBuyDirect is known for their affordable prices and custom options. They also provide lenses with digital screen protection for looking at tech devices all day.

Krewe Conti Zulu 24K, $315

Krewe Conti Zulu 24KSource: Krewe
Krewe Conti Zulu 24K  Krewe

This New Orleans-based eyewear company makes some of the most artfully retro glasses we've seen. Handmade from 24K gold plated hardware, the Conti frame is also prescription-ready.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Oversized @Collection, $150

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Oversized @CollectionSource: Ray-Ban
Ray-Ban Clubmaster Oversized @Collection  Ray-Ban

Old faithful Ray-Ban is most loved for their classic frames. This contemporary pair has thin gold trimming and the gold logo on the side, a sleek and simple accessory.

Warby Parker Topper Frames in River Stone Blue Fade, $95

Warby Parker Topper Frames in River Stone Blue FadeSource: Warby Parker
Warby Parker Topper Frames in River Stone Blue Fade  Warby Parker

We were immediately drawn to these frames — their fun duo color is giving us hot librarian vibes. What's great about Warby Parker is that all of their glasses have UV protection and anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings.

Smoke x Mirrors Sodapop in Ginger-White, $395

Smoke x Mirrors Soda Pop in Ginger-WhiteSource: Smoke x Mirrors
Smoke x Mirrors Soda Pop in Ginger-White  Smoke x Mirrors

For those Lady Gaga moments, these round frame sunglasses are a fantastic fit. Made in France, they have a matte silver stainless steel bridge and lens Category 3 protection. Layman's terms: They're very safe for eyes on sunny days.

Wildfox x Smashbox Monroe Sunglasses in Breeze and Be Legendary Fan Mail Lipstick, $189

Wildfox x Smashbox Monroe Sunglasses in Breeze and Be Legendary Fan Mail LipstickSource: Wildfox
Wildfox x Smashbox Monroe Sunglasses in Breeze and Be Legendary Fan Mail Lipstick  Wildfox

High pigmented lipstick and sunglasses?! We couldn't forget these beauties from a collaboration between Wildfox and Smashbox. Inspired by Marilyn Monroe, these frames are handmade in Italy.

Ivyrevel Eclipse Sunglasses Black, $87.90

Ivyrevel Eclipse Sunglasses BlackSource: Ivyrevel
Ivyrevel Eclipse Sunglasses Black  Ivyrevel

If you're going to serve classic Hollywood cat eye, you might as well do it with serious intensity. These oversized sunglasses from Ivyrevel have so much attitude, we'd honestly think twice before approaching someone wearing these with anything except good news.

Polaroid PLD 6017/S, $48.95

Polaroid PLD 6017/SSource: Polaroid
Polaroid PLD 6017/S  Polaroid

Betcha didn't know that Polaroid made artsy sunglasses like these. This blue acetate frame is a spin-off from the traditional aviator style. Very South Beach Miami, right?

Timberland Polarized Classic Navigator Sunglasses, $98

Timberland Polarized Classic Navigator SunglassesSource: Timberland
Timberland Polarized Classic Navigator Sunglasses  Timberland

Not everyone likes an over-the-top frame. For the tamer sunglasses wearer, these matte metal frames with vents on the side from Timberland are a perfect option.

Saint Laurent 47mm Sunglasses, $345

Saint Laurent 47mm SunglassesSource: Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent 47mm Sunglasses  Saint Laurent

Listen, we know these bold Saint Laurent frames aren't for everyone. But we also know there's at least one person who will adore these in your immediate circle that's worth it to spend this kind of money on. If not, gift them to us.

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