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When it comes to your dad, he needs more than another necktie, BBQ spatula, or gift certificate to Kohl's. From stocking stuffers to yard games, we picked the best dad gifts out there.

Editor's note: Prices and product availability are subject to change throughout the holidays. 

For the beers

Cast iron fish bottle openerSource: Rob's Rustics
Cast iron fish bottle opener  Rob's Rustics

Can't you just see this cast iron bottle opener that is shaped like a rustic fish ($9.99) hanging on a nail in dad's garage? 

Travel goals

Map of the national parksSource: Consider Graphics
Map of the national parks  Consider Graphics

Give him a serious wanderlust to-do list in map form with this very pretty national park map, honoring the parks' 100th anniversary ($19).

A reason to get out of bed

Customizable leather coffee cozySource: Nautilo Boutique
Customizable leather coffee cozy  Nautilo Boutique

This coffee koozie ($30.47) is made out of vegetable tanned leather and can be customized with an imprinted message. Even better, it's handmade to fit a standard size Ball mason jar for easy cleaning.

A mug for his mug

Brown ceramic shaving mugSource: Miri Hardy Pottery
Brown ceramic shaving mug  Miri Hardy Pottery

This brown ceramic shaving mug ($95) comes with a matching brush, so dad can lather up his own mug and keep it shaved, fresh and clean. Plus, he can technically drink out of it, if he wants. Who knows with dads?

A must-have for any corny fellow

A game of cornholeSource: Hayneedle
A game of cornhole  Hayneedle

There's really no better game to get for the corniest guy you know. The Field Club Stained Tournament Cornhole Set ($87.29) comes with a carrying bag and is stained with handsome rosewood.

Some toasty house shoes

Suede slippersSource: Lefu Shop
Suede slippers  Lefu Shop

These handmade slippers ($26.59) are made with sheepskin leather suede and fur to keep his dad feet extra toasty .

A place to put everything

Phone dock with key hooksSource: Dzhaod
Phone dock with key hooks  Dzhaod

This solid oak Dad HQ ($25.99), is complete with a spot for a watch, a phone dock, a wallet slot and hooks for his keys.

An honest phone case

Phone caseSource: Boots Tees
Phone case  Boots Tees

In case you need a really honest, slightly passive aggressive stocking stuffer, this phone case ($19.95) has you covered.

A gin winner

Homemade gin kitSource: Uncommon Goods
Homemade gin kit  Uncommon Goods

Turn any flavorless liquor into a unique, one-of-a-kind herbal infused liquor with this "gin" kit ($50) that comes with two glass bottles, a funnel, sieve and herbal blend of juniper berries, coriander seeds, fennel seed, cardamom pods and more.

Recipes shared from dad to dad

A photo posted by (@) on

Anthony Bourdain's latest book — his first cookbook in more than 10 years —features recipes he likes to cook for his friends and family, mainly, his daughter ($22.50).

Gear for the garden

Tote bag with gardening tools
Tote bag with gardening tools

This tote bag ($27.99) is equipped with essentials for a gardener of any skill set: a digger, weeder, rake, trowel, pruners and transplanter, with gloves and a spray bottle.

Tools of some sort

Homeowner's tool boxSource: Amazon
Homeowner's tool box  Amazon

Whether you know which tools he's lost over the years, or you don't and you still want to get him something to replace is old, worn out tools, this homeowner's set from Stanley ($48.94) is as good a guess as any. Among its 65 pieces are a hammer, socket wrench and sockets, pliers and more.

A trip into the modern era

Amazon Fire Source: Amazon
Amazon Fire  Amazon

Does your dad have a tablet yet? Get him the Amazon Fire ($89) already. It's on sale for the holidays and it comes with most of the bells and whistles that fancier, more expensive tablets boast.

The best knife

Japanese petty knifeSource: Best Made Co.
Japanese petty knife  Best Made Co.

Upgrade his kitchen skills with a powerful triple-laminate Japanese petty chef knife from Best Made Co. ($98): its stainless surface with a high-carbon core means he'll slice through anything.

A turntable for the yard

Portable turntableSource: Crosley Radio
Portable turntable  Crosley Radio

Let him take his record collection on the road with Crosley's Messenger turntable ($89.95), a portable, battery-powered record player that he can connect to speakers wirelessly via bluetooth. DJ Dad will now spin at a BBQ near you.

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