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The person who has everything is actually not as hard to shop for as you may think. There's no need to be intimated by their library-level book collection. Ignore their CVS inventory of skincare and beauty products. And don't worry about their wardrobe closet that has more shoes and purses than Kimora Lee Simmons.

This person cherishes the unique and whimsical when it comes to gifts. They'll probably like handmade items and potentially have an affinity to throwback-inspired gifts. Think outside of the box with this person, and all will go well. Worse comes worse, you keep it for yourself.

If you found some goodies in our wallets gift guide, you'll love what we have for the person who has everything here.

Editor's note: Prices and product availability are subject to change throughout the holidays.

Harlem Spearmint and Orange Soap, $6

Harlem Spearmint and Orange SoapSource: Harlem Soap
Harlem Spearmint and Orange Soap  Harlem Soap

Yes, everyone (we hope) has soap in their home. But does everyone have handmade soap from one of Harlem's hottest skincare businesses? Doubt it. Buy a couple of these spearmint and orange infused bars for a friend.

Carhartt WIP Canvas Apron, $98

Carhartt WIP Canvas ApronSource: Carhartt WIP
Carhartt WIP Canvas Apron  Carhartt WIP

For some, cooking goes as far as warming day-old queso from the local Mexican spot in the microwave. But others have amazing culinary skills and enjoy every moment in the kitchen. For that person, gift this cotton double-pocketed apron from Carhartt WIP.

Wildfox Unwrap Me Perrry Thermal, $88

Wildfox Unwrap Me Perrry ThermalSource: Wildfox
Wildfox Unwrap Me Perrry Thermal  Wildfox

Literally, Wildfox has mastered the art of a comfy t-shirt. Their insanely soft pullovers are a great gift for winter in general, when crappy weather calls for a day of Real Housewives marathons. Try this one for starters with a straightforward message on the front.

IRIS Gifts For INC Stackable Tile Tower Set, Only at Macy's, $46.89

IRIS Gifts For INC Stackable Tile Tower SetSource: Macy's
IRIS Gifts For INC Stackable Tile Tower Set  Macy's

Standard for a fun house party or intimate gathering of friends are board games. This colorful game option — from a collaboration between Iris Apfel and INC — adds a whimsical twist to the classic tabletop activity.

Olivia Kane Opal Double Mood Ring, $245

Olivia Kane Opal Double Mood RingSource: Olivia Kane
Olivia Kane Opal Double Mood Ring  Olivia Kane

Remember those funky mood rings from elementary school? The ones that told you all of your emotions in accurate form via plastic jewelry? Oh, adolescence. Gift the joy of nostalgia with this ring from Olivia Kane that has an opal stone said to possess healing properties.

Richer Poorer's "Top Drawer" Customizable Gift Sets, $98

Richer Poorer's "Top Drawer" Customizable Gift SetsSource: Richer Poorer
Richer Poorer's "Top Drawer" Customizable Gift Sets  Richer Poorer

We love this gift because it feels like a celebration of underwear— our favorite thing to wear. Richer Poorer is a California-based intimates brand that specializes in quality cotton. For their Top Drawer sets they offer two t-shirts, two bralettes or boxers and two socks in a gift set.

Kashmir.VIII LoveHate Poster Print & Original, $45

Kashmir.VIII LoveHate Poster Print & OriginalSource: Kashmir.VIII
Kashmir.VIII LoveHate Poster Print & Original  Kashmir.VIII

The Cleveland-bred talent behind this brand is known for combining African-American pop culture characters with art. While we'd probably buy one of everything on her site, this Radio Raheem poster is a lovely homage to the late Bill Nunn.

Harbour Trading Co. Membership, $34.99 per person

Harbour Trading Co. MembershipSource: Harbour Trading Co.
Harbour Trading Co. Membership  Harbour Trading Co.

Help your loved one begin their whole eat-healthy-New-Years-resolution thing, with this fresh subscription box. We say "fresh" because they deliver fish caught by fishermen to customers within 48 hours of being caught.

Brooklyn Circus BKc Big B Sweatshirt, $98

Broooklyn Circus BKc Big B SweatshirtSource: Brooklyn Circus
Broooklyn Circus BKc Big B Sweatshirt  Brooklyn Circus

The team at Brooklyn Circus know the art of dapper, well. For holiday we suggest this all-American sweater with sewn-in logo in burgundy. We love this with pressed slacks or boyfriend jeans.

Penny Skateboards 22" Classics Toucan Tropicana 22" Penny Board, $83.99

Penny Skateboards 22" Classics Toucan Tropicana 22" Penny BoardSource: Penny Australia
Penny Skateboards 22" Classics Toucan Tropicana 22" Penny Board  Penny Australia

We wouldn't end this list without something playful in the bunch. This 22-inch skateboard from Penny Australia has glow-in-the-dark wheels and a plastic deck for cushion. Its tropical-themed design is just one of the many art options to chose from.

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