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The year 2016 is wrapping up, and that's reason enough to celebrate. 

Before you go blowing all your money on fine Champagne to celebrate the start of a new year, consider going for a frugal, festive punch bowl this New Year's Eve to pad your budget and stretch your alcohol in the best way possible. 

If you've never served a punch before, make sure you have a bowl (or several) large enough to serve a group, a ladle to get that punch in a cup and plenty of cups (and maybe some markers for name tagging) so everyone can enjoy! 

Sorbets, sodas and plenty of booze in these punch bowls will get you and your party drunk on the cheap. Without further ado, here are 10 New Year's Eve punches worthy of ringing in 2017. 

Champagne punch

Champagne punchSource: Damn Delicious
Champagne punch  Damn Delicious

Stretch out that bottle of Champagne with some orange and pineapple juice for this super easy but elegant New Year's punch. Get the recipe here.

Grapefruit ginger spiced punch

Grapefruit ginger spiced punchSource: Whitney Bond
Grapefruit ginger spiced punch  Whitney Bond

Mint leaves and sliced grapefruit on top of this Champagne-based punch help your drink look extra festive. Get the recipe here

Boozy cranberry punch

Boozy cranberry punchSource: Garnish with Lemon
Boozy cranberry punch  Garnish with Lemon

It's still the holiday season and that means that everything cranberry-themed is a go! This easy batch cocktail will please a crowd all night long. Get the recipe here.

Pineapple citrus punch

Pineapple citrus punchSource: A Beautiful Mess
Pineapple citrus punch  A Beautiful Mess

Add some flowers to this tiki punch to brighten up any party! Get the recipe here.

Ferdinand and Isabella's punch

Ferdinand and Isabella's punchSource: food52
Ferdinand and Isabella's punch  food52

For a punch fit for royals, whip up a batch of this tea and citrus punch that serves 16 thirsty revelers. Get the recipe here.

Sparkling pomegranate punch

Sparkling pomegranate punchSource: Half Baked Harvest
Sparkling pomegranate punch  Half Baked Harvest

Sugar-coated rosemary and fresh pomegranate seeds make each flute of this cocktail special. Get the recipe here

Spiced tea punch

Spiced tea punchSource: Pinch of Yum
Spiced tea punch  Pinch of Yum

This seasonal iced tea punch can also be served warm (skip the ginger ale) or without rum, for those who may not be drinking. Get the recipe here.

Hot apple cider rum punch

Hot apple cider rum punchSource: Brown Eyed Baker
Hot apple cider rum punch  Brown Eyed Baker

Hand a mug of this hot punch to frosty guests at the door so they can immediately warm up to the party. Get the recipe here.

Spiced cider punch

Spiced cider punchSource: Sweet C's Designs
Spiced cider punch  Sweet C's Designs

This sangria-like apple cider punch uses white wine or sparkling wine to add a fun twist to the fruity drink. Get the recipe here.

Frosty mocha punch 

Frosty mocha punchSource: The Gunny Sack
Frosty mocha punch  The Gunny Sack

If it's a struggle to stay up until midnight for some, treat them to this chocolatey coffee punch, to be spiked with Kahlua, Bailey's or Frangelico, of course. Get the recipe here