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Police in Melbourne, Australia have announced that they have arrested seven people for allegedly planning a terrorist attack in Melbourne, which could have occurred on Christmas Day. Of those seven people, five are still in custody and being questioned. 

In a press conference held on Friday morning (Melbourne time), police commissioner Graeme Ashton said that police in Victoria, the Australian state where Melbourne is located, have foiled an attack as a result of a counterterrorism operation and investigation. 

"We believe that we have neutralized that threat," Ashton said. "And in relation to that threat, we believe that there was an intention to conduct a, what we call a multi-mode attack, possibly on Christmas Day." 

Ashton referred to those arrested as "persons of interest."

Possible locations could have been Federation Square, Flinders Street Station and St. Paul's Cathedral, all of which are in Melbourne. 

Ashton also mentioned that the attack could have involved multiple explosives, and would have been "significant." Makings of a bomb were also seized by police. 

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews noted at the end of the press conference that residents of Victoria should go "about their business," but there will be increased security.

You can watch the entire press conference below: 

Source: YouTube

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