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Drinking beer may be obvious while watching football on TV, but have you ever thought about eating it? (No, keg-stands don't count.) 

Various types of beer can be used to make your food more flavorful, adding depth and moisture to slow-cooked dishes perfect for game day. Of course, you'll also want some extra beer in the fridge to chase these tasty dishes down with. 

Beer-braised chicken sliders with hoisin beer barbecue sauce 

Beer-braised chicken slidersSource: The Beeroness
Beer-braised chicken sliders  The Beeroness

Sliders and beer are always the perfect duo, so why not add some beer to the meat and sauce on your sliders? Do it. Get the recipe here

Stout-braised pulled pork chili

Stout-braised pulled pork chiliSource: The Beeroness
Stout-braised pulled pork chili  The Beeroness

Chili: Good. Stout: Good. Stout Chili: Very good. This game day food gets another level of deliciousness when it's cooked with beer. Get the recipe here

Crock-Pot beer-braised chicken 

Crock-Pot beer-braised chickenSource: Half Baked Harvest
Crock-Pot beer-braised chicken  Half Baked Harvest

All you really need to do for a ridiculously tender chicken dinner is pour some beer over your meat and let it cook. Get the recipe here

Beer-braised collard greens

Beer-braised collard greensSource: Budget Bytes
Beer-braised collard greens  Budget Bytes

Who says cooking with beer can't be healthy? Add some greens to your beer-based diet with this Blue Moon and collards recipe. Get the recipe here

Beer-braised pork roast

Beer-braised pork roastSource: Williams-Sonoma
Beer-braised pork roast  Williams-Sonoma

Pork shoulder gets super tender in this luscious beer-braised recipe perfect for a chilly winter day. Get the recipe here.  

Spicy beer-braised lime chicken enchiladas

Spicy beer-braised lime chicken enchiladasSource: How Sweet It Is
Spicy beer-braised lime chicken enchiladas  How Sweet It Is

Not only is the chicken for these super flavorful enchiladas braised in beer, but the enchilada sauce has beer in it, too! Get the recipe here

Beer-braised cabbage with bacon and apples

Beer-braised cabbageSource: The Wanderlust Kitchen
Beer-braised cabbage  The Wanderlust Kitchen

If you're trying to sneak in some greens to your beer-fueled meal, at least cook them with bacon. Get the recipe here

Beer-braised beef short ribs

Beer-braised short ribsSource: food52
Beer-braised short ribs  food52

Tender short ribs are pretty much always a crowd pleaser (or keep them all for yourself, fine), and this super easy recipe gets all its flavor from beer and beef stock, leaving you extra time to do what's important — drink more beer. Get the recipe here.

Beer-braised meatballs and sauerkraut

Beer-braised meatballsSource: food52
Beer-braised meatballs  food52

Take a break from meatballs in marinara and go with these beer-braised meatballs to be served with homemade mustard sauce. Get some crusty bread to eat this dish as a tasty sandwich (with beer, of course) or eat them as a plated meal. Get the recipe here

Ultimate nachos with beer-braised carnitas

Ultimate nachos with beer-braised carnitasSource: Brown Eyed Baker
Ultimate nachos with beer-braised carnitas  Brown Eyed Baker

Nachos and beers are a natural pairing, so why not add some beer into the chip mix, too? These sheet pan nachos will be gone as soon as they pop out of the oven, so be sure to have an extra round ready to fire. Get the recipe here.  

Beer-braised black bean butternut soup

Beer-braised black bean butternut soupSource: Yup It's Vegan
Beer-braised black bean butternut soup  Yup It's Vegan

Beer-braised recipes can be vegan too! Beer adds extra hearty flavor to meat-free dishes, like this black bean and squash soup. Get the recipe here