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The worst part of hosting any event is the clean-up. So why bother? Nachos, tacos, wings and all your favorite football snacks leave a big mess, so why not transition to an all-in-one, delicious solution to your messy post-party woes? 

The walking taco, which can also make itself at home in your lap, is perhaps the greatest game food and bar snack of all time, assembled completely in a personal bag of chips, i.e your transportable taco shell. 

While you don't really need a recipe to create a walking taco — just toss some shredded cheese, guac and chili into a bag of Fritos — use these walking taco recipes as your guide to create the only taco you really need on Super Bowl Sunday. 

Hawaiian BBQ pork walking taco

Hawaiian BBQ pork walking tacoSource: The Gunny Sack
Hawaiian BBQ pork walking taco  The Gunny Sack

Load up that bag of chips with a lot of meat and a few greens for one of the best walking tacos you'll ever have. Get the recipe here

Frito pie

Frito pieSource: food52
Frito pie  food52

Made with an abundance of spices (cocoa!), this chili-based Frito pie is sophisticated enough for your snobby friends who may be adverse to eating a meal out of a chip bag. Convince them. Get the recipe here

Frito pie with one-hour Texas chili

Frito pieSource: Steamy Kitchen
Frito pie  Steamy Kitchen

Ridiculously quick to make and even quicker to eat, this carb-y, meaty walking taco is a delicacy in the best way possible. Get the recipe here

Walking turkey tacos

Walking turkey tacosSource: The Girl Who Ate Everything
Walking turkey tacos  The Girl Who Ate Everything

Keep it simple, and slightly healthier, with lean ground turkey in your Frito bag mix. Get the recipe here

Cheesy enchilada walking tacos

Cheesy enchilada walking tacosSource: Pillsbury
Cheesy enchilada walking tacos  Pillsbury

Snack size bags of nacho cheese Doritos and old reliable Hamburger Helper pair up to make seriously tasty tacos in a bag. Get the recipe here

Healthier walking tacos

Walking tacoSource: Fit Foodie Finds
Walking taco  Fit Foodie Finds

If you don't want to eat an entire bag of chips per taco, you can make your walking tacos in a cup. And with healthier, sweet potato chips. Get the recipe here

Walking banh mi

Walking banh miSource: The Faux Martha
Walking banh mi  The Faux Martha

Okay, so this is a riff on a Vietnamese sandwich, not a taco, but it's still a great walking meal made with chips! Get the recipe here