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The holiday of hearts has arrived.

What better excuse to break out those heart-shaped cookie cutters you only use once a year? If you don't have a set, invest in one, because making a food heart-shaped is obviously the best way to make it romantic. Pasta, pepperoni, pancakes, cookies, fruit and more can all adapt a swoon-worthy heart shape to impress your boo with the mere press of a cookie cutter. 

If you're looking for heart-shaped foods that are a little more advanced, or at least extra Valentine's-worthy, follow these heart-shaped recipes and you may just fall in love with a new dish. No judgment if those heart-shaped cookie cutters become a part of your regular cooking routine. 

Conversation hearts

Conversation heartsSource: food52
Conversation hearts  food52

Say goodbye to those pastel boxed candies that somehow always taste stale and dusty and make your own conversation hearts for Valentine's Day this year! Better yet: With some edible ink, you can say whatever you want on these homemade candies. Get the recipe here

Chocolate heart cut-out cookies

Chocolate heart cut-out cookiesSource: food52
Chocolate heart cut-out cookies  food52

The Girl Scouts better watch out, because you may be putting them out of the seasonal cookie business with these adorable and delicious heart-shaped cookies. Get the recipe here

Double-dipped chocolate date hearts

Double-dipped chocolate date heartsSource: food52
Double-dipped chocolate date hearts  food52

Not only are these hearts made of actual dates perfect for date night, they're sprinkled with pepper to bring on the heat. Get the recipe here

Heart beet risotto

Heart beet risottoSource: A Beautiful Mess
Heart beet risotto  A Beautiful Mess

Heart-shaped beets add that extra touch of love to this beet-iful risotto. Get the recipe here

Heart-shaped pizza

Heart-shaped pizzaSource: i am a food blog
Heart-shaped pizza  i am a food blog

The key to anyone's heart should be pizza — or else, are they really even a human? Get the recipe here

Heart-shaped strawberry hand pies

Heart-shaped strawberry hand piesSource: Well Plated
Heart-shaped strawberry hand pies  Well Plated

Not only are these pies amazing tasting and exploding with fruit, they're also adorable! Get the recipe here

Heart-shaped strawberry cheesecake puff pastry pies

Heart-shaped strawberry cheesecake puff pastry pies Source: Whitney Bond
Heart-shaped strawberry cheesecake puff pastry pies  Whitney Bond

This is basically three desserts in one. And yes, your heart will burst out of adoration for this sweet heart-shaped treat. Get the recipe here

Heart-shaped raspberry rolls

Heart-shaped raspberry rollsSource: Handle The Heat
Heart-shaped raspberry rolls  Handle The Heat

Like cinnamon rolls, but better and fruitier! Get the recipe here

Chocolate + red wine biscuit doughnuts

Red wine + chocolate doughnuts Source: A Beautiful Mess
Red wine + chocolate doughnuts  A Beautiful Mess

The three best things in life come together in one gorgeous heart-shaped dessert. Get the recipe here

Sprinkled strawberry heart-shaped scones

Scone lovers, prepare to meet your ultimate baked fantasy with this heart-shaped scone covered with frosting and sprinkles. Get the recipe here

Heart-shaped raspberry Napoleons

Heart-shaped NapoleonsSource: Martha Stewart
Heart-shaped Napoleons  Martha Stewart

These complicated-looking pastries are a synch to make and are seriously swoon-worthy. Get the recipe here.  

Gummy bear thumbprint cookies

Gummy bear thumbprint cookiesSource: A Beautiful Mess
Gummy bear thumbprint cookies  A Beautiful Mess

Who knew melted gummy bears could become such cute little hearts? Get the recipe here. 

Heart-shaped chocolate chip banana pancakes

Heart-shaped chocolate chip banana pancakesSource: Skinny Taste
Heart-shaped chocolate chip banana pancakes  Skinny Taste

Wake up a loved one with these sweet heart-shaped pancakes. Get the recipe here.