7 images show what Trump's inauguration looked like to everyone roasting it on Twitter

Tri Vo

Fortunately for everyone, the internet only knows how to process its collective anxiety in one way: through memes. 

As the Jan. 20 inauguration ceremony of President Donald Trump approached, the entire nation seemed to sit on tenterhooks; after the particularly divisive 2016 election, what would Trump's first day as commander-in-chief look like?

Below is a play-by-play of the Friday ceremony's highlights, as told through the viral #Content of the day.

Barack and Michelle Obama stood outside the White House to receive Donald and Melania Trump — and Michelle got a fun gift

Everyone was having a great time — except for Trump's youngest son, Barron

Kellyanne Conway made a festive sartorial choice

Actually, not everyone was having a great time

Bill Clinton was there, and he was ... on-brand

George W. Bush was also there, and the struggle was real

And Trump addressed the nation for the first time as its president. Tremendous.