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Twitter thinks Beyoncé is faking her pregnancy — for the second time in a row
FILE - In this Oct. 15, 2016 file photo, singer Beyonce Knowles attends the Tidal X: 1015 benefit concert in New York. Beyonce is among 100 black luminaries being recognized by Ebony magazine. The magazine revealed its annual Power 100 list Friday, Nov. 4, Evan Agostini/AP

Just minutes after Beyoncé announced she was pregnant with twins in an Instagram photo baring her baby bump in front of a colorful floral arrangement, Twitter exploded with reactions that showed joy — while others speculated whether the news was even real. 

This is not the first time Beyoncé critics accused her of lying about a pregnancy, many pointing to a 2012 video of Bey's tummy appearing to deflate as she sat down during an interview as proof. She put the rumors to rest that she used a surrogate mother to deliver her first born daughter, Blue Ivy, during her HBO film Life Is But a Dream. 

Bey called the speculation, “A stupid rumor, the most ridiculous rumor I’ve ever had about me ... To think that I would be that vain …”

Here are some of those tweets questioning the authenticity of her pregnancy below: 

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Natelegé Whaley
Culture Reporter