The Weeknd's new ‘Reminder’ video features Drake and these 7 other famous rapper cameos

Source: TheWeekndVEVO/YouTube

Today, the Weeknd is celebrating his 27th birthday and also the release of his latest music video "Reminder," which features a long list of rapper cameos such as Drake and A$AP Rocky. 

The three minute and 50 second clip shows the Canadian singer riding around town in luxury cars, at a laid-back house party and showing off in a private jet. Since the visual has tons of great company, here's a look at all the cameos we spotted in "Reminder" in gifs.


Source: TheWeekndVEVO/GIPHY

A$AP Rocky 

A$AP Rocky and fast cars.
Source: TheWeekndVEVO/GIPHY


YG also joins the party
Source: TheWeekndVEVO/GIPHY

Bryson Tiller

Bryson Tiller makes an appearance.
Source: TheWeekndVEVO/GIPHY

French Montana

French Montana rocks out to the right of The Weeknd.
Source: TheWeekndVEVO/GIPHY

Travis $cott

Travis $cott is on board.
Source: TheWeekndVEVO/GIPHY

Metro Boomin'

Metro Boomin made a very brief cameo.
Source: TheWeekndVEVO/GIPHY

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