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Barack Obama can be defined by many words. President. Democrat. Husband. Father.

But now we may have to identify him as a psuedo-doctor of sorts.

At a campaign stop in Fairfax, Va., on Friday, Obama diagnosed GOP candidate and election 2012 rival Mitt Romney with a condition in which he calls, "Romnesia." This is what he said:

In a separate rally in Fort Pierce, Fla., Vice President Joe Biden further warned voters that "Romnesia" may also be contagious, because Romney's running mate may have "contracted" it. "All of a sudden Paul Ryan, the budget hawk, the guy who introduced the budget plan that actually already passed ... all of a sudden, he doesn't remember it," Biden told the crowd. 

If these speeches and jabs are any indication, Obama might be getting nervous about reelection. If the campaign season ended today, Real Clear Politics (RCP) projects a narrow 271 to 266 win for Obama. This five electoral vote difference shows that Romney can win the whole thing if claims the votes of any one of the battleground states that Obama currently leads: Iowa (6), Michigan (16), Nevada (6), Ohio (18), Pennsylvania (20), and Wisconsin (10). This starkly contrasts what we saw just a few weeks ago, when Obama commanded leads in nine out of the 10 swing states.

In fact, Romney is polling well in Colorado, Florida, New Hampshire, and Virginia, four states where he has been trailing Obama for months. Since last week, Romney has held onto a 2.5-point lead over Obama in Florida, caught up in Colorado, and tied Obama in Virginia, according to RCP averages. He has also overtaken Obama in New Hampshire for the first time since February.

These polls show that even if the GOP-ticket appears to have "Romnesia," Romney and Ryan seem to be doing something right because people are loving it. In fact, according to another poll, Americans are catching a new "craze" that's spreading throughout the nation. Hmm ... maybe we could call it, "Romne-phility."