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For those who suffer through actual seasons (though it seems that population may be dwindling), the countdown is still on until regional, local produce offers spring-like ingredients again. Still, it's not too early to jump into spring cooking. Use up the last of your winter root vegetables and the boneless chicken breasts you've been freezing since that big post-New Year's sale, and reset your kitchen in time for actual spring! Here's what to cook in March. 

Crispy eggplant "bacon" 

Crispy eggplant "bacon" Source: Minimalist Baker
Crispy eggplant "bacon"  Minimalist Baker

You don't have to be a vegan to fall in love with this smoky, crunchy, meat-free bacon. Get the recipe here

Unicorn hot chocolate

Unicorn hot chocolateSource: Love and Olive Oil
Unicorn hot chocolate  Love and Olive Oil

The weather may still be blustery enough to justify whipping up a hot rainbow drink. Take advantage of any opportunity to make unicorn hot chocolate — it won't be cool by the time cold weather rolls around again next fall. Get the recipe here

Orange marmalade skillet roasted chicken breasts

Orange marmalade skillet roasted chicken breastsSource: Love and Olive Oil
Orange marmalade skillet roasted chicken breasts  Love and Olive Oil

Orange you glad you bought those chicken breasts three months ago? In a season that's still lacking for fresh produce, citrus and fresh herbs bring a brightness to this tasty chicken dish. Get the recipe here

Tagliatelle with clams and garlic

Tagliatelle with clams and garlicSource: i am a food blog
Tagliatelle with clams and garlic  i am a food blog

Seafood with pasta is always in season. Get the recipe here

Garlic butter capellini pomodoro with shrimp

Garlic butter capellini pomodoro with shrimpSource: Pinch of Yum
Garlic butter capellini pomodoro with shrimp  Pinch of Yum

See above for our pasta and seafood rationalization. But really, you can't go wrong with this shrimp and spaghetti recipe. Get the recipe here

30-minute pork scallopini with lemons and capers

Pork scallopiniSource: FoodieCrush
Pork scallopini  FoodieCrush

In a meal-prep rush? This one comes together quickly and is truly satisfying. Better yet, you can stock up on the ingredients weeks in advance to have them as back-up when you need a quick dinner. Get the recipe here

Singapore sweet potato noodles

Singapore sweet potato noodles Source: Half Baked Harvest
Singapore sweet potato noodles  Half Baked Harvest

The veggie-noodle craze will never die. Break that spiralizer out and make these tasty, soy-coated non-noodle noodles. Get the recipe here

Pad see ew

Pad see ewSource: The Woks of Life
Pad see ew  The Woks of Life

While it's still chilly enough to cozy up and order in, learn to make your favorite Thai takeout order in the comfort of your kitchen. Get the recipe here

White bean artichoke basil toasts

White bean artichoke basil toastSource: Pinch of Yum
White bean artichoke basil toast  Pinch of Yum

Before avocado season returns in full force, make some other veggie-topped toasts, like this savory white bean and artichoke one for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking! Get the recipe here. 

Instant Pot Chipotle barbacoa copycat burrito

Barbacoa burrito Source: Sweet C's Designs
Barbacoa burrito  Sweet C's Designs

While you're still obsessed with anything that can be cooked in your Instant Pot, transform your kitchen into a Chipotle restaurant with this quick burrito recipe. Get the recipe here

Thai salmon in foil

Thai salmon in foilSource: Damn Delicious
Thai salmon in foil  Damn Delicious

Just a quick marinade and a turn in the oven makes this easy-to-prep, easy-to-clean-up salmon the perfect weeknight meal. Get the recipe here

Slow roasted sweet potatoes with garlic chickpeas and blue cheese sauce

Slow roasted sweet potatoesSource: How Sweet It Is
Slow roasted sweet potatoes  How Sweet It Is

Think sweet potatoes are bland? Think again. These dressed-up sweet potatoes get crunchy texture from the chickpeas, and the blue cheese sauce adds another level of flavor to this vegetarian-friendly dish. Get the recipe here

Springtime Cobb salad

Springtime Cobb saladSource: How Sweet Eats
Springtime Cobb salad  How Sweet Eats

Nothing signals the start of spring like a fresh, bountiful salad! Get the recipe here.

Broccoli, cheddar and spinach frittata

Broccoli, cheddar and spinach frittataSource: Cookie and Kate
Broccoli, cheddar and spinach frittata  Cookie and Kate

March is going to be an egg-sellent month, especially if you whip up one of these on a weekend morning. Get the recipe here