50 sartorial ways to resist Donald Trump and his presidency

50 sartorial ways to resist Donald Trump and his presidency

At this point, it feels like every person on earth has an opinion on Donald Trump

From his hair, to his "tan," to his bigotry, to his inability to stay off Twitter, to the fact that he's actually president of the United States, dude is divisive and, accordingly, fashion has gotten keen to this. 

Plenty of people, judging by his approval rating alone, disapprove of him and want to resist his presidency. So, rather fittingly, they're looking to clothes to do just that. 

From T-shirts to tote bags to tank tops to bomber jackets to baseball hats, people are looking to fashion to show what they believe or don't, whether it be that women should indeed be nasty, or that men shouldn't grab women by — well, anything.

So we've gathered up 50 items that help show everyone within a three-yard radius of you that you're resisting — and not giving up any time soon. 

If you want to name — or show — your enemy: 

1. "With all due respect, Donald" tote bag, I Feel Like Hillz, $18 

2. Donald Trump's head made out of all the ways Jezebel has described him T-shirt, Jezebel, $23.99

3. "IDFW Trump" T-shirt, House of Hillary, $28

If you want to remind people to resist: 

4 to 11. The Outrage's entire "resist" collection, $6-$130

12. "Resist everyday" T-shirt, House of Hillary, $28 

13. "Sister resisters" T-shirt, Otherwild, $30 

If you feel like talking about the travel ban: 

14. "I wear this shirt to support people who can read it" T-shirt, Etsy, $20 

If you want to remind everyone about how Donald Trump talks about women: 

15. "Grab 'em by the pussy" T-shirt, the Outrage, $25

16. "Real men don't grab pussy" tank top, Etsy, $26 

17. "This pussy grabs back" hoodie, LAPP, £32

You can read more about this brand here

If you feel like standing up for Elizabeth Warren and other silenced women: 

18. This "Nevertheless, she persisted" T-shirt featuring Elizabeth Warren, Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks and more, Etsy, $22

19 to 22. "Nevertheless, she persisted" four-piece collection, the Outrage, $25-52

23. Reebok's "Nevertheless, she persisted" T-shirt, Reebok, $20 

If you wanna stand up for the nasty women — and future female presidents: 

24 to 32. The Outrage's nine-piece "nasty women unite" collection, the Outrage, $13-125

33 to 36. I Feel Like Hillz's four-piece "nasty woman" collection, I Feel Like Hillz, $25-64

37. The original "nasty woman" T-shirt, Google Ghost, $25 

38. "Women presidents are from the future" T-shirt, House of Hillary, $28

If you just can't let go of what you once had: 

39. "Michelle: Forever my first lady" T-shirt, House of Hillary, $24 

If you want to stand up for reproductive rights and Planned Parenthood

40. "You are not the boss of V" T-shirt, Prinkshop, $35

41. This animated uterus T-shirt, Jezebel, $23.99

42. "My body, my rules" hat, LAPP,  £22

You can learn more about this brand here

43. "I Stand with Planned Parenthood" tote, Power and Light Press, $15 

44. Roe v. Wade T-shirt, Prinkshop, $35 

A shirt in honor of 1973, the year Roe v. Wade was passed. 

45. "Girls just want to have fun... ding for Planned Parenthood" T-shirt, Female Collective, $26 

46. "I stand with Planned Parenthood" T-shirt, Etsy, $25

47. Any one of Planned Parenthood's 16 T-shirts, Planned Parenthood, $15-25

If you feel like fucking with something Trump loves: 

48. "Black Lives Matter" MAGA-style hat, Emma Tolkin, $40 

You can read more about this hat here

49. "Make America native again" hat, Bowen Creative, $25

You can read more about this hat here

50. "Make America gay again" hat, Human Rights Campaign, $26

You can read more about this hat here

Mic will update this list as more quality anti-Trump swag appears.