In appreciation of Celeste from 'Big Little Lies' — specifically that goddamn amazing hair

In appreciation of Celeste from 'Big Little Lies' — specifically that goddamn amazing hair

There's plenty to ogle at on HBO's Big Little Lies. Reese Witherspoon's impeccable performance as Madeline, a super high-strung mother trying to simply survive suburbia. Nicole Kidman's powerhouse performance as Celeste, a wife and mother trying to escape domestic abuse. Then there's the clothes, which are a mix of high-end designer duds and labels. And let's not forget the houses, which are all lust-worthy mega-mansions overlooking the California coast. 

So much to pay attention to, such much to gawk at. 

But there's one thing — a much more subtle thing — in Big Little Lies that we've become quite obsessed with, and can't keep our eyes off of: Celeste Wright's hair. 

It is a dream haircut, with everything a dream haircut should have, from the color, a light amber, to the cut, a classic curl with bangs that are, well, perfect, gracing her just above her eyebrows and curled into the sides.

It is aspirational. It is inspirational. 

Why? Well, for starters, it's on the head of Nicole Kidman, who has had some pretty amazing haircuts herself, from the bright red Rita Hayworth curls in Moulin Rouge to the short blonde bob in the The Others

But there's just something about the way the hair — though it may honestly be a wig — always looks so perfectly done, but not too done, you know? 

Is it the bangs, and how they so perfectly meld with the rest of her hair when she wants them to? 

Is it the way it reflects light, or maybe soaks it in, and makes it look like she's wearing an actual halo, or hair that's really spun gold?  

We believe that it's all of those things, plus the fact that it sits at the top of Celeste's already stunning fashion choices on the show, which are a mix of muted hues that recall the sea and the sand — both brown and blue — and effortless sophistication. 

To talk about Celeste's fashion for a second, there are several things that she loves to wear. 

She love thick-knit sweaters in colors that compliment her coloring and her hair, with lots of beiges and creams. 

She loves clothes that are loose and soft and light, nothing too sparkly or loud — ever.

Everything is undeniably feminine. 

Even when she goes back to being a lawyer — albeit briefly — she opts for a feminine spin on a classic pinstripe suit, adding a pussy bow blouse, favored by not only Melania Trump but businesswomen in the 1970s and '80s as well.

It's still all very Celeste-like though, everything with a feminine edge. 

In that sense, the clothes and the hair go together just perfectly. The way she wears her hair is undoubtedly girly, wearing it long and curled at the edges, like a pin-up or a young girl lost in the 1950s. 

Given how Celeste's husband wants her to assume a stereotypically feminine role in the family — staying at home with their sons and leaving her many talents and passions untouched — it makes sense. Her hair must also look stereotypically feminine, maybe to appease her husband or maybe to appease herself. In every shot, it looks perfectly place, an effortless elegance that no doubt takes lots of time. 

Like, just look how good and perfect it looks even when it's swept up.

Look at how good and perfect it looks in profile. 

We would no doubt never be able to achieve this level of perfection, but it's glorious to look at. 

It's just the perfect hair, simply and truly, from the cut to the color to the styling. And if it is a wig, well, then we'd love to find out where to buy it.